Introduction: Welcome to my other blog today we are reviewing the ContenteGenie Software.

Kelechi Mmonu is launching the new ContenteGenie.

Let’s face it – content is king, and social media is the Charoirt!

World’s FASTEST Original Content Creation Tool For Your Website & Social Media.


According to stat:
About 4.7 Billion people use social media (that’s more than half the world population).
The average person spends an average time of 2 hours/per day on social media.

This means that no matter the product or service a person is selling, the right audience is always available on Social media.

The most giant hump is; “how to create the right content, to attract and convert the right Audience”.

OverView Of ContenteGenie

Author: Kelechi Mmonu
Product: ContentGenie
Launch Date: 2022-Nov-05
Official Website: Click Here
Front-End Price: $47
Bonuses: Yes, Big Bonuses.
Skill: All Level
Niche: Social Media
Support: Effective Response 24/7
Recommend: Highly Recommend!
Rating -9.8 out of 10

How Does It Work?

Create, plan & Publish 100% original content in 3 Simple Steps…

1 Enter your Keyword or Phrase: Just Enter your preferred Keyword or Phrase, and Generate original Content in 30 seconds.

2 Connect: Select the social media or blog account(s) you want to publish to.

3 Publish: Publish your content to your preferred social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium) or WordPress blog account(s) instantly or schedule for later.

In addition to creating Creating Content using “Siri” style Technology, ContentGenie also comes with other Content Curation Tools;

Video Discovery: This Engine allows users to Find the most Viral Youtube Videos in any Niche, legally Transcribe them and use the content for social media and Blog Posts.

Speech-to-Text AI: This Engine allows you to convert your LIVE speech to content for social media or blog posts.

Article Discovery: This Engine allows users to find the most trending content in a niche, and convert them to a social media or Blog Post.

Ebook AI: This Engine allows users to convert the content of any Ebook to a Social Media or Blog Post.

What Are The Features of Software?

Content Creation Features

This set of features allows users to create High Quality, Traffic pulling content for Social Media & Websites.

This set of Features allows users to Edit their Social Media & Blog Content.

Siri-Style Content Creation
Powered by the same AI Technology implemented by Siri – Apple’s AI Assistant, this Tool creates 100 original Content, using just a keyword.

Video Discovery
Discover the most trending Youtube Videos using keywords or entering the Video URL, and Convert the Youtube Video Content to a Social media or Blog post.

Article Discovery
Discover the most Viral Article using keywords or entering the Article URL, and convert the Article Content to a Social Media or Blog post.

Ebook Converter
This Tool uses Artificial Intelligence to Convert the content of any Ebook/PDF File to Social media posts or blog posts.

Speech-to-Text AI
This Engine uses Artificial Intelligence to Auto Transcribe LIVE Speech to Content, for your Social Media and Blog Posts.

Second Features

This set of Features allows users to Publish their Content Across Multiple Social Media & Blog Accounts.

Blog Publisher
Publish Unlimited content to all your WordPress and Medium Account.

Social Media Publisher
Publish content to all your social media profiles, including Facebook (Pages and Groups), Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest.

This set of features allows users to manage their Content & Collaborate with others.

Content Planner
With ContentGenie, you can plan and schedule your Social Media and Blog content for the next 10 years. View the planner calendar by day, month, and year to organize your content goals with more efficiency.

Deep Analytics
Keep updated with the statistics of your Blogpost and social media posts (impressions, comments, likes, shares, etc)

Multiple Workspaces
Stay organized by creating multiple workspaces for different projects and clients.

Team Members’ Access
Create sub-user Access for your Team members or Virtual Assistant to Manage Workspaces.

Job/Client Finder
Find the most recent & Best Paying Content Creation and social media management jobs/clients, right inside your ContentGenie Account.

Forth Features

This set of Features allows users to compose Better Content for their Social Media & Blogs.

Plagiarism Checker
Plagiarism is illegal and could have your article or website blacklisted by Google. Our proprietary AI Plagiarism Checker analyzes the content of any Ebook, Article, or Text, to determine if any section of your content did not properly attribute authorship to content already published on the web or in books, research papers, academic papers, or news sources.

Content Paraphraser
This tool helps you rewrite any text, Ebook, or Article Content in various ways, so it’s 100% original. Our product will improve your fluency while also ensuring you have the appropriate vocabulary, tone, and style for any occasion.

Content Summarizer
Condense ANY article, Ebook, or Text down to the key points instantly.
Our AI uses natural language processing to locate critical information while maintaining the original context.

Grammar & Punctuation Checker
Writing can be difficult, but perfecting your work with our grammar and sentence checker is easy. With this AI Content Grammar checker, you can analyze any Ebook, article, or Text to polish the grams.

Email Writer

Write Original, High Converting Emails, right Inside your ContentGenie Dashboard.

Using this tool, you can write swipes for:

Welcome Emails
Cold Emails
Follow up Emails
Confirmation Emails
Cancelation Emails
Email Subject Lines

Multi-Language Translator
Translating your Content helps you reach out to more Audiences.

Use this Tool to Translate any article, Ebook to Text to 40+ Languages, within 1 minute.

Ideas Creator
What do you do when you really want to make your Social Media Pages or Blogs Active, but have no idea what to write about?

No worries; ContentGenie got you!

This Tool is going to help you create Trending Topics for your Social media & Blog Engagement.

Content Expander
This Tool lets you expand any Keyword or phrase into usable Content, in less than 30 seconds.

What can you do with this product?

1x Do it yourself: You would involve spending money and time, researching, buying coursing, and testing out content that is not original.

2x Outsource: You could pay content writers hundreds of dollars for just 100 words of content – totally expensive and overhyped!

This is why I bring to you this software that can help you solve this problem, even if you have zero skill in writing. I present to you, ContentGenie.

ContentGenie is the world’s fastest Content Creation and Social Media Management Suite that creates, plans & publishes content across multiple social media platforms and websites, using “Siri Style” Technology.

Using the same AI Technology implemented by Siri – Apple’s AI Assistant, ContentGenie creates 100% original Content, and Publishes this Content to your preferred Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest) and Websites…all in less than 1 minute!

Who is this product best for?

Marketers & Business Owners

Sell your product remotely by creating your social media customer base.
Post effortless creative content & grow with the insights.

Agencies & Enterprise-Level Businesses

Sell your products on social media, and post updates of discounts and product details with great ease!
Always stay at the top of your customer’s minds by appearing in their newsfeed all the time.

Social Media Marketers

Create effective content by customizing hot-selling content.
Save on your manual work by using our schedule & publish feature across platforms with one simple click.

What is your benefit from this software?


New-Age Technology.
Siri Style Content Creation
24*7 Customer Support & Assistance
Robust Training & Tutorials
Team Feature.
100% Cloud-Based.
Auto-Updating System.
And many more


At the moment, I am yet to find a downside with this software. Everything about ContentGenie is simply awesome.


Free Commercial License
During this launch special offer, ContentGenie comes with FULL commercial rights, WITHOUT having to upgrade.

So you can “create and sell” high converting Social Media & Web content as a service to clients for top dollar and keep 100% of the profits to yourself.

Jump in now – pick up ContentGenie right now to lock in your FREE commercial license.

A.I Video Script Writer
As a marketer, creating a video is not enough.
You need to be able to craft powerful copy/script that will appeal to the psychology of your audience & get them to take fast action.
But the problem is, learning this skill is HARD & it TAKES TIME.

Not just that, It’s almost impossible to hire a professional copywriter to do it for you except you have thousands of dollars to spend on every project.

A. I software is designed to write high-converting scripts for your videos, in minutes.
With this tool, you can easily create a video script, add it to your Spokesperson video to turn it into a powerful VSL & skyrocket your SALES & PROFIT overnight.

Facebook Fan Inviter App
This Tool Allows You To Automatically Invite Everyone Who “Liked” Your Facebook Posts To Also Like Your Page In One Click​.

This is a growth hacking tool that converts post likes into fan page likes by mass inviting everybody who liked your posts to like your fan page.

Who is it for?

Web designers
Video creators
Social media managers
Ad creators
Content Creators
Business owners

And absolutely ANYONE who wants to make tons of money online selling a high-in-demand service…

User Opinion

If you want to create Traffic pulling content for Businesses, be it as an agency or for personal use, then you need to hurry now and get this software.
With ContentGenie, you can create persuasively and highly converting Content in just a couple of minutes – WITHOUT any writing skill or experience.
Therefore, on this note, I’ll say; ContentGenie is a great solution and I highly recommend it.
Without any doubt, I can give it a five-star review, anything outside that will be “BIAS!”

Go ahead and secure your access, your investment is SAFE & WISE, cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

. Do I need to install Content Genie?

No. Content Genie is fully cloud-based and can be accessed from any web browser.

Q. Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely. If you don’t get along with Content Genie for any reason during the first 14 days after purchase, just contact us for a full refund. However, in the unlikely event that you have any problems, we encourage you to contact us first and give us a chance to help you resolve any issues.

Q. Is Content Genie compatible with PC and MAC?

Yes. We’ve tested it on both systems and it works great. In fact, Content Genie works in virtually any web browser, making it compatible with almost any machine.

Q. Are there any hidden fees?

NONE! The price quoted on this page is all you have to pay. No bait and switch here.

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