Introduction: Welcome to my other blog today we are reviewing the Stoodaio 2.0 Software.
Joahua Zamora is launching the new Stoodaio 2.0 Software.

Revealed: Fully-Automated, Text-To-Video Web-App Powered By REAL A.I.

That Will Create Profit-Producing Videos FOR YOU In ANY Language and ANY Niche In 3 Minutes or Less!
… So You Can Get More Traffic, Make More PROFIT & Dominate Your Niche WITHOUT Wasting ANY

Time Writing Scripts, Recording VoiceOvers, Or Even Creating Videos Yourself – EVER Again!

It REALLY Possible For REAL Artificial Intelligence To Create Profit-Producing Videos For You In Under 3 Minutes.

REALLY Possible For Artificial Intelligence To Write an ENTIRE Video Script for You in ANY Niche and/or Language.

It REALLY Possible For Artificial Intelligence To AUTOMATICALLY Turn That Script Into A COMPLETE, Human-Like, Text-To-Speech Voiceover For You? It REALLY Possible For That Script And Voiceover to then be AUTOMATICALLY Matched. With NICHE Specific Visuals, And Turned into a BEAUTIFUL, High Converting Video?

Is It REALLY Possible for that video to then be AUTOMATICALLY Encoded And Rendered. To Be 100% Web-Ready – AND Then Uploaded To our BLAZING Fast Video Hosting Platform?

Then Imagine if you were able to IMMEDIATELY publish that video to a high-converting video page.

so you can start getting traffic and profit RIGHT AWAY!??!

Overview Of Stoodaio 2.0

Author: Joahua Zamora
Product: Stoodaio 2.0
Launch Date: 2022-Dec-06
Official Website: Click Here

Front-End Price: $77
Refund: 30-Das Money-Back Guarantee
Skill: All Level
Niche: General
Support: Effective Response
Recommend: Highly Recommend!
Rating -9.4 out of 10

How Does It Work?

PLUS We’ve Simplified The ENTIRE Process of Having HIGH-QUALITY Videos Created FOR YOU Into 4 Simple Steps:

Login To Our Web-Based Dashboard

Stoodaio is A.I Video Creation via a 100% web-based dashboard.

That means that it does NOT matter what kind of computer you have.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can have Stoodaio write, create, host and publish videos for you.

Tell Stoodaio What You Want Your Video To Be About

This is the exciting step. Here is where you actually start to see the MAGIC happen. All you have to do here is tell Stoodaio what you want your video to be about so it can write an entire video script for you.

And this won’t be ANY kind of video script. This will be a highly engaging script that actually provides MASSIVE value to your audience. It’ll be like if you paid a professional content writer THOUSANDS of dollars to write it for you.

Watch our Stoodaio A.I. Create A Complete Video FOR YOU!

Once you complete step 2 and feed Stoodaio all the information it needs to create your script, all you have to do is sit back and watch Stoodaio turn that script into a hollywood-quality, profit-producing video.

It’s going to turn your script into a voiceover

It will split your script up into different slides

It’ll then match your script with relevant background videos and images on each slide and mash it ALL together to create an AMAZING video in MINUTES.

And from there you can use the videos as-is or fully-customize them however you’d like.

Send Your Video To Our BLAZING Fast Video Hosting Platform And IMMEDIATELY Publish It To Our Profit-Producing Video Pages!

Yes, we could have TOTALLY sold EACH of these features as separate upgrades, however we have decided to WAYY over deliver during this charter-members discount.

So during the next few days, we have decided to include two VERY powerful features which will allow you to profit WAY faster than ANY other video creation app.

We want to make sure that you start getting VIEWS to your videos as quickly as possible. Without views, you’re NOT making any money. So what we’ve done is built our own CUSTOM video hosting platform that will allow you to create and PUBLISH your videos IMMEDIATELY in the SAME dashboard.

But to make it even BETTER, you’ll also be able to IMMEDIATELY publish your videos to a high-converting video page to start bringing in sales, collecting leads, making affiliate commissions and MORE!

This will allow you to go from creation to PROFIT faster than ANY other video creation app out there.

FULLY-Edit Your Video However You’d Like Before Publishing and/or Downloading

Although Stoodaio will create an ENTIRE video for you from start to finish, you will still have the ability for you to edit your videos as much or as little as you’d like.

You’ll be able to add your own videos, images, background videos, logos, edit/add text, record the voiceover in your own voice, add your own script and pre-recorded voiceover if you’d like, etc etc

Literally, you’ll have FULL flexibility to edit the videos however you’d like. OR use them AS-IS since Stoodaio will do it ALL for you.

What Are The Features Product?

What can you do with this product?

Done-For-You Hollywood-Quality Video Creation In ANY Language, ANY Niche, for ANY Product or service Imaginable

NEVER Write Scripts or Pay For A Script Writer EVER Again (Our A.I Does it FOR YOU)

Turn ANY existing Script Or Content into a TOTALLY Unique Version with our Powerful A.I Rewriter (limited-time bonus)

POWERFUL, human-like text-to-speech engine so the A.I turn ALL your scripts into AMAZING sounding voiceovers in ANY major language or accent

Recently Updated 2.0 Features Making this the BEST and REAL A.I Video Creation Platform That Only Needs 3 minutes To Write, Create And Publish Videos FOR YOU!

Powerful, Lightning-Fast Video Hosting is Included for your videos (we’re using our video host on all the videos on this page)!

Immediately Publish Your Videos To Our Video Pages So you can drive traffic and produce a profit with them RIGHT AWAY!

Over 1,500,000 Royalty-Free Videos, Images, and Audios built-in so you can FULLY customize your videos HOWEVER you’d like (or let our A.I do it ALL for you)

How To Make Money With product?

Josh ALL of This Looks AMAZING, But: How Will Stoodaio Make Me Money?
That’s probably what some of you are wondering if you haven’t already realized the true power of what you’re witnessing here today.

As I mentioned previously, video marketing is one of the a MUST in todays online world for businesses to get more traffic, instantly build trust, skyrocket profit and build brands online.

However, If You’re Still Unclear About How To Profit With Stoodaio, Here Are 7 Quick Ways To Do So:

Create And Rank Affiliate Marketing Videos

This is probably going to be one of the most popular monetization strategies especially since SEO affiliate marketers understand the power and SPEED of ranking videos. When it comes to page 1 rankings, leveraging videos is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to get there.

With Stoodaio you’re next commission-producing video is only 90 seconds away from being created. Plus, since Stoodaio will be creating your videos for you, all you have to do is upload them to YouTube to kickstart your FREE traffic.

Create Video Sales Letters For Your Products and/or Services

This is going to be another one of our most used purposes for Stoodaio. Our app will allow you to easily create Hollywood-quality video sales letters for ANY product and/or service in a matter of minutes.

We have over 1,000,000 HD media assets built-in to Stoodaio to instantly give your videos that PROFESSIONAL touch. You’ll be able to customize your videos however you’d like and watch your sales and conversions SKYROCKET!

Create And Rank Videos For Your Clients And Charge A PREMIUM Price (HUGE Bonus)

This is actually a 2-in-1 monetization strategy. During this limited-time charter members offer, we’ve thrown in our AGENCY rights as a FREE bonus – this is a HUGE bonus that we could’ve EASILY charged extra for.

This means that you’ll be able to create and SELL videos to your clients at a PREMIUM price. BUT, since we ALSO have our syndication module included as a FREE bonus as well, you’ll ALSO be able to offer video RANKING services to your clients as well. You can charge a one-time fee for creating videos for them and then upsell the VSEO as a recurring charge or give the videos for free and charge a higher monthly recurring fee. There’s SOO many options here.

Offer Video Creation Services in MULTIPLE Languages

With our built-in text-to-speech system that can translate ANY script into ANY language, you can profit BIG by creating videos for other people in other languages WITHOUT even having to speak it. Heck, you can even require them to provide you with the script and literally just copy/paste it into our app and hit “go”. Literally that would be all you’d have to do.

You can sell these services over and over on sites like Fiverr, or charge a bit higher and put your services on sites like Upwork.

Create Amazing Videos For Your eCommerce Stores

We’re in a world where over 76%% of consumers ages 18-34 are buying a product after watching a video. That means that if you’re NOT using videos and you run an ecommerce business, you’re leaving a TON of money on the table.

If you run an ecommerce brand or niche site, using video marketing is a MUST! Literally, you can’t survive without it. With Stoodaio, you can make videos for ALL your products in minutes!

Turn ANY and ALL of Your Existing Content Into Videos In MINUTES To Get Even MORE Traffic

Content REPURPOSING is ANOTHER tactic that is NOT talked about too much these days. However, repurposing your content into OTHER forms of media is one of the MOST powerful traffic strategies you can leverage.

With the amount of content that you probably already have published online, or that you have on your hard-drive, it’ll be SILLY to NOT turn them into videos and put them ALL over YouTube, Vimeo Facebook Video and ALL of the OTHER hot video sites. Heck, you can even break it down to smaller videos and post them onto TikTok, Instagram and MORE! Especially since you can create videos in ALL the most POPULAR dimensions.

Create ENTIRE Video Courses With Our App That You Can Charge A PREMIUM For Your Knowledge

The information niche is obviously a multi-billion dollar niche. We all know this, right? Knowledge is power – PERIOD!

And being able to turn your knowledge into videos that teach that knowledge is EXTREMELY profitable.

With Stoodaio you can easily create an ENTIRE video course and charge your customers a HEFTY fee to access your content.


FREE Access To Our Agency License!

This bonus here EASILY packs the MOST potential PROFIT in your pocket! There are HUMAN video creators out there charging CRAZY amounts of money to create SUBPAR videos for other people.

Heck, even on Fiverr you’ll find people charging $5-$10 ALL day long for videos that are 30-60 seconds long.

Can you imagine how much you can make by charging people to create professional videos for them and have Stoodaio do ALL the work for you?

With this bonus, you’ll have FULL rights to be able to use Studio to write, create and sell videos to your clients! (Heck, you can even offer to host their videos for them for a recurring fee)

Premium Video Hosting Included FOR FREE

Yes, we could have EASILY sold this part of our system as a separate upgrade of its own. Premium video hosting is NOT cheap, we all know this, right? You can look at ALL the video hosting services out there. They ALL charge a monthly fee. And for good reason. It’s NOT easy, simple or cheap to run a PROPER video hosting platform. Yes, you can use YouTube, but you run the risk of losing a TON of your visitors because YouTube is a MASTER at distracting its viewers and keeping them on their site as long as possible!

However, TODAY, we’ve decided to build our video hosting system RIGHT INTO Stoodaio so you can go from creation to publishing in a matter of minutes WITHOUT having to download, upload or even LOGIN to a separate platform.

You get it PREMIUM, blazing fast video hosting included in your purchase TODAY! Even ALL the videos on this page are hosted with our platform. Talk about fast loading, right?

Instant Publishing To Video Pages

This is yet ANOTHER priceless bonus that we could have charged separately for. Getting your videos created, hosted and published to a page you can start sending traffic to IMMEDIATELY is what’s going to get you paid AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

And we wanted to BREAK the MOLD and do something that has NEVER been done before. We wanted to simplify the process of getting your videos created, hosted and published to a page and have it be a SINGULAR process.

We’ve done that with our StoodaioPages feature. With StoodaioPages, you’ll be able to INSTANTLY publish your videos to a high-converting video page in a matter of MINUTES without EVER leaving our main dashboard. It will ALL be a SEAMLESS process.

Plus, you’ll be able to add a headline, buttons, images, text, etc etc on your pages to BOOST your sales even more. It’ll be like a mini video page builder that’ll be built RIGHT into Stoodaio. Talk about awesome, right?

Unlock ALL Niche Templates To Create Videos For ANY Service, Niche or Industry

This bonus is one that we REALLY spent some time thinking about whether we should include it or not. We knew that we could have EASILY created a certain # of pre-built templates that you get access to on the front-end purchase and then created an upsell offer that unlocked ALL our other templates.

We could’ve put a price tag of $97 on it and it would’ve sold like CRAZY. However, we decided to RAISE the bar when it comes to the amount of VALUE you get with your purchase today.

With that being said, you’ll be getting FULL access to ALL of our templates, so you can create videos even FASTER!

Unlock ALL Languages To Create Videos On A GLOBAL Level

Just like the bonus above, this is another one that could have been broken off into its own upgrade. Heck it could have probably be bundled together with bonus #4 on a “BOOSTER Bundle” type of upgrade where you can unlock ALL niches and ALL languages.

However, we know that we have customers from ALL around the world. And we know that many of our customers do market in other languages. We also know that marketing in languages outside of just English is EXTREMELY profitable. So we wanted to make that available to EVERYONE.

With this bonus, it DOES NOT matter if you speak another language or not. You’ll be able to profit from creating videos in ANY language since you’ll have FULL access to ALL the languages built-in to Stoodaio.

High-Quality Video Syndication To Start Getting Traffic NOW

If you’ve purchased any of my products before, you know that we have an ENTIRE line-up of BEST-SELLING content syndication software.

Why? Well, because content syndication FLAT.OUT.WORKS!

It’s one of the #1 ways to get INSTANT traffic from social media and it’s one of the #1 ways to get videos and niche sites ranked on page 1 of Google and YouTube.

Because of that, we wanted to make sure we also added a TRAFFIC module into Stoodaio. Because BEAUTIFUL videos WITHOUT traffic mean NOTHING if they’re not making money, right?

We wanted to make sure we had you covered with traffic as well. So, you’re getting our High-quality video syndication module as a FREE bonus during our charter-members grand opening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this REALLY A.I?

Yes. This is NOT some hidden A.I. that you have to guess if it’s actually there or not. You can actually SEE our artificial intelligence at work with your own eyes. ALL of the content written is ALL done via our A.I engine. The selection and PROPER matching of your script with our media engine is ALL A.I as well.

How do the Credits Work?

It’s pretty simple. 1 credit is for 1 video created. That means during this INSANE charter-members discount, you’ll be able to get PREMIUM videos created for you for less than $3 per video!!!!

Does this work for Mac and PC?

Yes! Our app is 100% web-based. As long as you have a web-browser and an internet connection, our app will work for you.

When does the charter-members discount expire?

Our charter-members discount plus ALL the bonuses expires on December 12th at midnight PST.

How Long of Script Will Stoodaio Write For Me?

Our A.I Writer will be able to write a totally unique script for you that’s up to 1,200 words for just about any niche.

Can we have longer scripts than 1,200 words?

Stay tuned for a VERY powerful bonus that we may or may not be announcing mid-way through the launch lol It may be something we’re calling our Stoodaio ReWriter where our A.I engine will ReWRITE ANY existing content into a TOTALLY new and UNIQUE version that you can INSTANTLY turn into videos. Can we have longer scripts than 1,200 words?

Is the content Stoodaio writes really unique? Will it pass CopyScape?

Yes. we are 100% confident that the content that Stoodaio writes for your videos will pass Copyscape EVERY SINGLE TIME! Again, this is REALLY artificial intelligence at it’s finest. It is UNIQUE content that our A.I system is creating. If Stoodaio writes an article for you that DOES NOT pass copyscape, we’ll happily give you FULL refund!

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